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Autoflowering seeds

A word about autoflower cannabis seeds.
These are relatively small cannabis plants that flower quickly.

Growing outdoor

Spring is here and the sun is out.
You get the jitters and you know the outdoor growing season is coming.

How do you collect our loyalty points

In our old packages used to be loyalty points, with 10 points you could pick a 5-pack of seeds for free.


Bloom period

The flowering of our plant is an important phase. If the start is  good and the pre-flowering also, you are guaranteeda fantastic final flowering, if you do not make Gross mistakes.


Removing leaves of the plants

Removing leaves is a must with a lot of plant strains.When leaves overlap the top one has full sun and the one below a little. The leaves beneath get very little light so photosynthesis is far from optimal.

Nutrition for cannabisplants

Your plant needs nutrients to grow and bloom. The stage of life is quite short so a lot off nutrition is needed to make this plant get big and thick very quick. Basic substances such as sodium, phosphor and potassium (spp) are a necessity for this.


The growth or vegetative fase of your plant is the time it needs to get it’s height before he starts making flowers. This fase is important and decisive for the health and structure of your plant and the final end result.

Pre growth

Pre-growth of seeds works different then with cuttings. Cuttings you grow till there is a little plant with a bit of body before putting them on 12 hours inside.

Watering plants

You could water from the top or from the bottom. From the bottom you would have to put the pots in a container and let it fill with nutritionwater and the pot would suck the water up.

Save seeds

You can save seeds in a few different ways it depends on when you would want to use them. If you are going to use them shortly after the purchase you can save them at room temperature.