Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds

A word about autoflower cannabis seeds.
These are relatively small cannabis plants that flower quickly.
For example, you start germinating the autoflowering cannabis seeds at the end of May.
These will finish flowering and be ready for harvest no later than 12 weeks after germination.
This means that you can start harvesting at the end of August and that you have used the best 3 months of the summer to grow your cannabis plant. This will therefore also achieve the best result.
You can also choose to start seeding as early as late March.
You can then harvest at the end of June.
If you then germinate new autoflower seeds a second time at the end of June, you can harvest them again at the end of September.
This makes it possible to grow and harvest your cannabis plant twice a year and thus have a double yield.
Another added benefit of autoflowers is that they don't grow very tall.
The average height of an autoflower is between 60 and 100 centimeters.
Unless you use our double xxl autoflowers.
These are very large autoflowers that grow between 100 and 140 centimeters and also produce high yields.
On average, these large autoflowering cannabis seeds give twice the yield of a normal autoflower.
This requires a slightly larger pot.
For a normal autoflower, a pot from 11 liters will suffice.
For a double xl large autoflower, however, a pot from 18 liters is desirable to reach its maximum size.
The nutrition for autoflowers is quite low because they have a short life cycle.
In the beginning, the cannabis plant needs very little plant nutrition because they quickly get fertilizer burn when given a lot of nutrition and also remain small.
So do not use heavily fertilized soil for autoflowers, but choose to use lightly fertilized soil instead and add good nutrition for cannabis plants if the plant is a bit bigger.
The easiest is organic plant food for cannabis plants that you do not have to measure and that is also somewhat dummy-proof so that overfertilization does not happen quickly.
On another part of our website, you can find nutrient kits that are ideally suited for autoflowers.


Nutrient grow kit (

With these good nutrients for cannabis plants, success is guaranteed.

Apart from that, an autoflower needs little care.
It should be watered 1 to 2 times a week on average, depending on how hot it is and how much it rains.
On a warm week without rain, this may be done a bit more frequently.
In a cold week with a lot of rain, it may also be the case that you don't have to water at all.
You can easily check this by lifting your pot and feeling how heavy it is.
You can also tell by the position of the leaves.
If they start drooping, your pot is probably light and therefore dry; time for a good watering.
If the leaves turn yellow and the pot is heavy, you should stop watering for a while until the pot feels light again.
The standard rule when it comes to watering is 10% of the contents of the pot.
So if you have an 11-liter pot, you give the cannabis plant 1 liter of water each time.
If there is a lot of water running out of the pot then you are giving it a bit too much water, if there is no water running out of the pot at all then you can give a little more.

All autoflowers, by definition, are fairly susceptible to mold.
Pay close attention to this. If it rains during the last 3 weeks of the life cycle, it is wise to shelter them during rain showers.
Or just shake it dry after the rain.
As soon as you detect mold in your plant, it is definitely time to harvest.
This is because it spreads very quickly and can no longer be cured.

So much for our explanation of what autoflowers actually are.
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And for questions about our autoflowering cannabis seeds, you can always contact our customer service.