Feminized bulk seeds

Our bulk weed seeds are used by growshops, other seed company´s, big growers and medical farmers.
We wholesale cannabis seeds all over the world, with and without certification.
The cannabis seeds that we sell in bulk are the same that we have in our packages.
The high quality of our bulkseeds is so good that we can guarantee a minimum of 90% germination.
With our genetic programm we work with many other breeders in a worldwide exchange program where we share
clones and pollen to make new genetics.
On request we do production of other peoples genetics who don´t have the abillity to produce big numbers.
We  can sell our bulk seeds to the following customers:
Seed company's
End users with a license or living in a country where it is legal to grow large numbers
People that do a collective purchase to get a better price
People that want to buy larger quantities for multiple grows

The only people that we can not sell large quantities to is when the seeds are for illegal big grows.
When we suspect that this is the case, we can cancel your order.
So think of what you are telling us in the communication, we are bounded by laws in the Netherlands.

All strains have the same prices in bulk.
So you can pick any strain that you want and even mix with different strains.
The minimum per strain is 250 seeds though.
So1000 seeds can be 4x250 seeds from different strains but not 20 seeds of 50 different strains.
For quantities up to 100pcs we have our 50 and 100 packs

250 to 500 seeds 2,00
500 to 1000 seeds 1,80
1000 to 2500 seeds 1,40
2500 to 5000 seeds 1,20
5000 to 10.000 seeds 1,00
10.000 to 25.000 seeds 0,90
25.000 to 50.000 seeds 0,80
50.000 to 100.000 seeds 0,70

For prices and more info you can contact us at [email protected] or whatsapp on +31620103601