Welcome to the growerschoice website. Your quest for seeds has brought you to the right place. We offer many types of cannabis seeds on our website, both feminized and autoflower, as well as regular cannabis seeds. Whether you are looking for a full indica strain or prefer something on the sativa side, we have these cannabis strains right here. As well as the many hybrid cannabis varieties such as our old school Dutch cannabis strains braindamage, bubblegum, and amnesia, or the modern strains such as the American cali strains like zkittlez, gelato, weddingcake, and purple punch hybrids; at growerschoice, you can find them all. On our website, you will find a lot of variety in seeds. We have done this deliberately to meet the demand of each customer.
The seeds are manually selected by us and regularly undergo a germination test to check the quality of the germination of the cannabis seeds. In other words, at growerschoice you have come to the right place to buy good quality cannabis seeds.

feminized seeds growerschoice
Feminized seeds are the perfect choice to start with when you want a smooth grow. Only the female plants produce flowers that are known as cannabis. The male plants are something that you don't want in your grow as they dont bring weed but pollen that pollinate the female plants and makes them produce seeds instead of weed. For that reason it is best to work with feminized seeds to ensure that something like that does not happen. Our feminized seeds are very stable and high quality. We do everything in our power to make sure of that.

We are constanly working to create the best indica, sativa and hybrid strains. Using oldschool stable genetics and new style usa/cali genetics for the best flavours and yields.

autoflowering seeds growerschoice
The difference between normall feminized seeds and feminized autoflowering seeds are that normall
feminized seeds turn into flowering stage when the clock is switched to 12 hours on an indoor grow or when the days become shorter at the end of the year with an outdoor grow.
So normall plants depend on the hours of light to determin their blooming fase. Autoflowering seeds work totally different. They don't care about the hours of light and prefer to have more hours of light than less to get a good productive yield. The autoflowering plants have a vegetative stage (grow) for about 3 to 5 weeks from germination. Followed by an 8 weight bloomperiod.

The totall fase from seed to harvest will be between 11 and 24 weeks totall.
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What to look for when buying cannabis seeds.

Well that is a good question.

There are so many things to select on when you are looking to buy cannabis seeds. Here is a short list of things that yopu can select on: Feminized seeds, regular seeds or autoflowering seeds Indica, sativa or hybrid High thc, average thc or more cbd what type of climate what height do you prefer flavour, sweet, sour, or are you more into haze or kush flavour. The search for the ideal cannabis strain always starts with a selection of what trades you want your plants and weed to have.</p>
indoor and outdoor seeds. growerschoice feminized and autoflower seeds
There are big differences between indoor and outdoor grow.
Indoor you can adjust the climate and circumstances just as your plants prefer.

So it is possible to grow any strain that you like with an indoor grow. Growing cannabis outdoor is a whole different game. Here you have to check what your climate looks like before ordereing cannabis seeds that are suited for outdoor grow. Are you living in the northern part of the world than you have to check if the strain is mold resistant and if it is early flowering to avoid missing out on a good crop. When you are based closer to the equator your climate after the summer is much better to grow weed than in the northern parts of the world. Here you can grow allmost anything because chances of mold are much smaller and the temperature stays high till late flowering stage.
indica, sativa and hybrid cannnabis seeds growerschoice
What is the difference between indica, sativa or hybrid?
Indica strains are short and bushy, the weed grows mostly into a main cola with a couple of sidebranches and gets rockhard buds. The flowering period is 7 to 8 weeks, Smoking an indica will give you a heavy stoned feeling and makes you sleepy.

Sativa strains are long and stretchy with many sidebranches.

The buds are not as rockhard as with an indica but the plants give much more volume of flower.
The flowering period of a sativa is 8 to 10 weeks.
Smoking a sativa will get you high and make you energetic and laugh.

Hybrid cannabis plants is a name for a collective of strains that are a mix between indica and sativa.

The sorts of cannabis plants and their characteristics range very wide.
On average we should say that a hybrid cannabis plant is 50 procent sativa and 50% indica.
In real life it is more complicated than that.

Everything from 30%/70% to 70%/30% indica/sativa rate is called a hybrid.
This makes the hybrid categorie the largest to pick from.
Here it is up to you to discover everything you are looking for in a strain that is perfect for you.