Growing outdoor

Spring is here and the sun is out.
You get the jitters and you know the outdoor growing season is coming.
Where to start?
Usually with an online search for a website with good cannabis seeds for growing outdoors.
Think of varieties that flower early such as early varieties, fast versions, and fast-flowering cannabis plants.
Of course, you can also think about using autoflowers.
These are autoflowering cannabis seeds that will flower in 10 to 12 weeks from the moment of germination.
Ideal for the Dutch climate where we can still have rain in the fall.

When growing outdoors, you have to take into account the climate you are in.
If you are in northern Europe, for example, we have a rainy fall season where the chance of mold is rather high.
In this case, it is recommended to use fast-flowering plants such as our mighty amstel freezeland and our other fast version fast-flowering cannabis seeds.
In a southern European climate, the fall season is a lot warmer and drier, so you have more choice in the type of cannabis seeds.
In fact, any variety is suitable for growing outdoors here.

This blog actually focuses more on which strain is right for you than on how to grow an outdoor plant.
As mentioned earlier, in the Netherlands there is not so much possibility for successful outdoor cultivation.
Fortunately, there have been many developments in the field of cannabis seeds for outdoors in recent years.
These varieties are called fast versions or fast-flowering varieties.
Here, a little bit of autoflower genetics has been crossbred to make them flower earlier, making them ready just in time for the Dutch fall season.
This of course also applies to countries such as England (UK), the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Canada, and all countries with a similar climate.
All of these countries have wet fall seasons and need cannabis seeds that flower early.


For the more Mediterranean countries, early flowering varieties are nice to use but this is not a requirement.
Consider, for example, Spain which still has wonderful sunshine and little rain until November.
In these climates, almost any feminized strain can be grown without any problems
The other option, of course, is to grow feminized autoflowers.
These are ready in 3 months from the moment you germinate them.
In the northern European climate, these can be grown from April to the end of September.
In Mediterranean countries, you can start at the end of March and continue until the end of October and in some cases even mid-November.
This makes multiple cultivations per year possible.

You can determine which of these is most suitable for your situation based on where you are.
Think carefully about this before you order feminized cannabis seeds