Nutrition for cannabisplants

Nutrition for cannabisplants

Your plant needs nutrients to grow and bloom.
The stage of life is quite short so a lot off nutrition is needed to make this plant get big and thick very quick.
Basic substances such as sodium, phosphor and potassium (spp) are a necessity for this.
Calcium, magnesium and a number of other substances are also necessary for the plant to grow.
Nowadays there are so many nutritional brands it is difficult to choose.
Our philosophy is, if the proffesional horticulture uses it than it is good.
Just a few nutritional brands meet this requirement.
Two of them are aptus and growerschoice.
Aptus has a good and high quality nutrition and good boosters, a drawback is that it is relatively expensive and quite difficult because of the extended amount of remedies they offer.

Growerschoice has a horticultural background and keeps it a lot cheaper and clearer just by offering only 3 products with everything in it in perfect proportions. The basic nutrition is a high quality organic nutrition.
This makes a pk 13-14 unnecessary and even a degradation of your nutrition.
With the enormously concentrated root stimulator  you will only need a little to achieve where you need a lot off bottles with other brands.
The just as concentrated hardener (NR3)ensures maximum flowers and dry matter content in your plant.
The whole brand gives you your money’s worth and keeps it simple. Check their website for more info on their products Nutrient grow kit (

Now than giving nutrition. How much and how many times?

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that if they give a lot of water and nutrition that they will have more yield. It is just the opposite, overfeeding puts a heavy load on the plant from which it will not recover quickly.

It’s just like eating 5 Happy meals before running a marathon. You do need active substances to burn and fluids to sweat during the marathon but more then that will only makes your performance worse. That is also the case with a plant, he must perform at its best in ten weeks and that is easier if everything is sufficiently available, but no more than that.

If your plants are still small the nutrition in your soil if enough for your plants to grow. When they get bigger after a week or two you can give them some nutrition. Think of an Ec value of about 1.3. This will go up every week with 0.01 under normal circumstances. So in week 3 you give 1.4 and in week 4 you will give 1.5 to a maximum off 1.7. This is a safe zone, some use values above 2.0 or 2.5. This is a waist of nutrition and will causes an accumulation of salts in your soil or other medium. It will also causes for a very high EC because of the salts that are not absorbed. With as effect that you can not re-use your medium and will constantly have to replace it with every turn. You also control your plants with your values and these are therefore always variable.  If you want shorter plants than give a little higher nutrition and keep your soil a little dry. Do you want a taller plant than keep the soil a little wetter and give him a lower EC. Also the type of plant gives you a variable factor, there are strains that need a lot of nutrition and strains that would rather have less. If you are not sure which type you’ve got then stay in the safe zone like we said earlier.  Also the nutritionalbrand can change the height of the EC. Some nutritionalbrands are not as pure as woma whom we described earlier and need a EC value of 2.0 to get the same result as woma with a EC of 1.5. Do you use little pot’s or do you have to give water more often, don’t give nutrition everytime. If you water once a week enough to get through a week then it is good. But iffor example you have to water 3x a week because you use small pots or there is high evaporation than it is to be advised to water once with nutrition, once only water and then once with nutrition again so as not to let the salts build up in the pot. To do a check and to know if you are on the right track you can measure your soil. This gives a broad indication because everyone does it differently.

We advise to do it like this:

Take a measuringcup and put soil in from the top and the bottom off your pot or planter. Add tapwater until it’s mushy so that when you draw a line in it with your finger it will slowly closes. Put your Ec meter in this porridge and let it rise. If your EC is below 2.0 than it is a bit low, is the EC above 3.0 than it is a bit high. There are different ways to give nutrition.