Frequently asked questions


How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Normally the envelopes arrive in: 

Netherlands 1-3 working days

Europe 5-7 working days

USA 10-14 working days

Canada 10-14 working days

South-America 10-14 working days

Afrika 20-30 working days

Australiƫ 20-30 working days

Can you ship faster?

Yes we can, on request we can ship with UPS or DHL prority.

This arrives in 2-3 days anywhere in the world.

The extra charge for this is 24,- to 44,- depending on the country where it has to go to.


What if the package is lost?

If we see on the trackingcode that the package is lost, we will send a new one for free.

What if customs take my package?

If this happens we will send a new one for free.

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what kind of payments do you offer?

we accept the followingpayment methods:

cash per mail


bank transfer


sofort banking

bitcoin and 50 other crypto currencies

what will be in my bankstatement when order?

with a bank transfer or ideal there will be gc seeds on your bank statement.

If you pay with creditcard there will be the name of a nutrient company on the statement.

With crypto you will have the name of a private person.

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how many seeds are in a package?

in a 1 pack there is 1 seed

in a 3 pack there are 4 seeds

in a 5 pack there are 7 seeds

in a 50 pack there are 55 seeds

in a 100 pack there 105 seeds

Do you sell cannabis?

No, we do not sell or buy cannabis.

What is the best way to store my seeds?

If you are planningto use your seeds on short notice you can keep them on room temperature out of the sun.

If you want to keep them for a longer period it is best to keep the refrigerated.

Between 5-10 degrees celcius is good to keep them fresh for years.

Germination guarantee?

Our seeds have a minimum germination of 80%. To be sure that we always maintain this level we do germination tests on a weekly basis. It can always happen that seeds do not germinate. We don't argue about that, so if that happens just send us an email at [email protected]. This only applies to seeds that are bought direclty in our webshop and no longer than 3 months ago. If you bought seeds on a different website than ours, we do not guarantee the germination. We do not know how long these seeds are in stock at resellers and how they are being kept.

i want to grow cannabis for medical purposes.

It is best to check out our blog for this subject. There we show you what strains are the best for different things.

Hi just wandering if your autoflower strains were feminized or not thanks
Yes our autoflowers are feminized
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