About Growerschoice

We started out in 1996 with growing our beloved plant as a hobby. A well known breeder helped us out with tricks and tips and showed us how to blend strains and select the best ones from it. He gave us our first set of genetics on a couple of different strains and our passion was born. In the years after that we tried a lots of things and experimented like crazy. Here we gathered a lots of knowledge on how to grow and breed. Feminizing was a small step away at this point and so it happend. As soon as we got the hang of this the bigger seed companies in todays market came to us with the question if we wanted to make their seeds for them, and so we did for the years after that. In 2011 we wanted to make of our own strains and get more recognition for our work. We stopped with making seeds for others and started to breed for our own brand. And Growerschoice was born. Our team expanded with some enthousiastic growers of which some have a proffesional horticulture background and lots of experience. Together we make the strains that we offer today. Growerschoice is one of the fastest growing seed companys in europe right now and we hope to get a smile on the faces of more and more growers worldwide with our supergenetics