How do you collect our loyalty points

How do you collect our loyalty points

In our old packages used to be loyalty points, with 10 points you could pick a 5-pack of seeds for free.
Maybe you have noticed that there are no more points in the packages.
That is because it was very hard for people to send their points in an envelope to our adress.
So we decided to do an online pointsystem in the webshop.
Every time when you purchase some seeds, points will be added to your account.
Every point is worth 1,- and you will get 3 points for every 5-pack that you buy.
saving points goes a lots faster than with the old system.
Now, what to do with your old points?
Please put them in an envelope and send these to our adres:

Gc Seeds
PO Box 2012
3200CA, Spijkenisse

We will add these points to your new digital account.
Every old point is worth 3 new points.

Something else has changed as well.
With buying from our website and saving points, customers get a status that is connected to a discount.
These discounts are on top of the pricesavings and discountcodes that we have at promo or sales.

Bronze member = 2.5% (when you have spent 250,-)
Silver memeber = 5% (when you have spent 500,-)
Gold Member = 10% (when you have spent 1000,-)
Platinum = 15% (when you have spent 2500,-)