Tangerine Sherbet

An other great creation of the breeders at growerschoice.
This third generation strain is selected on yield, quality and flavour.

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Amount of seeds 1
Flowering time indoor 10 weeks
Harvest month outdoor October
Yield indoor 550-650 grams /m2
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Behold another masterpiece crafted by the skilled breeders at GrowersChoice.
This third-generation strain stands out for its exceptional yield, top-notch quality, and a flavor profile that's truly a work of art.
Get ready to experience the perfect fusion of fresh mandarin and cookie flavors, creating a smoke that's not only excellent for day-time indulgence but also perfect for unwinding in the evening.
Being a hybrid, this strain boasts a medium-tall and bushy growth pattern, with a subtle stretch inherited from the tangerine genetics.
What makes it truly unique is the absence of a singular main cola.
Instead, picture 10-12 branches growing in unison, resembling elegant candlesticks.
This distinctive growth pattern not only adds visual appeal but also contributes to an even distribution of buds.

weather you're into the Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG) techniques, this strain accommodates various cultivation styles.
Its versatility makes it a delight for growers looking to experiment with different methods and maximize their yields.
For those who appreciate a touch of aesthetics, exposing the plants to lower night temperatures can result in a subtle display of pink and purple hues.
While not engulfing the entire flower, these color variations add an extra layer of visual intrigue to the overall cultivation experience.
In essence, this strain represents the culmination of careful selection based on yield, quality, and flavor.
From its growth characteristics to its delightful smoke, it encapsulates the dedication and expertise of GrowersChoice breeders.
Embrace the day or unwind in the evening – this hybrid strain caters to all preferences.
Welcome to a new era of cannabis cultivation, where each plant tells a unique and flavorful story.

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Amount of seeds 1
Flowering time indoor 10 weeks
Harvest month outdoor October
Yield indoor 550-650 grams /m2
Mold resistance Average
THC 27-30%
CBD Medium
Flavour manderine ,cookie and icecream flavour
Climate Can take warm and cold climates
Height indoor filter Low - 80cm - 120cm
Height indoor 100cm - 130cm
Height outdoor 150cm - 220cm
Harvest month outdoor Begin october
Parents Tangerine x sunset sherbet
Genetics 50% indica - 50% sativa
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