.Blue Zushi Limited Edition

Blue zushi is a very potent hybrid made from kush mintz and zkittlez.
The smooth smoking indica dominant strain gives a good headbuzz and relaxes the body and mind.
Flavours go from mint, berry, candy and cheese.

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Amount of seeds 1
Yield outdoor 600-750 grams per plant
Flowering time indoor 8 weeks
Harvest month outdoor October
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Blue Zushi, a powerhouse hybrid meticulously crafted from the fusion of Kush Mintz and Zkittlez.
This highly potent strain offers a smooth smoking experience, leaning towards an indica-dominant profile that delivers a notable headbuzz while inducing a deep sense of relaxation for both body and mind.
Prepare your palate for a symphony of flavors that span the spectrum from mint and berry to candy and cheese.
Blue Zushi stands as a testament to the artistry of cannabis breeding, providing enthusiasts with a rich and complex flavor profile that sets it apart from the ordinary.
For those seeking something different and with an appreciation for intricate flavors, Blue Zushi emerges as a top-tier choice.
Cultivating this strain is a breeze, making it accessible for growers of various experience levels.
The plants are short and bushy, featuring a prominent main cola surrounded by numerous side buds that contribute to its impressive yield.
Despite its compact size, Blue Zushi stands out as a high-yield strain, delivering a bounty of quality buds.

The flowering stage of Blue Zushi is remarkably short, clocking in at a maximum of 8 weeks, allowing cultivators to enjoy the fruits of their labor in a relatively brief timeframe.
THC percentages with this strain soar far above average, ensuring a potent and satisfying experience for consumers.
What truly sets Blue Zushi apart is not just its THC content but also the unique blend of other cannabinoids present.
This combination results in an effect that is not only potent but also exceptionally pleasing and satisfying, offering a well-rounded experience that transcends the ordinary.

In summary, Blue Zushi is more than just a strain; it's an exploration of potent genetics and complex flavors. From its smooth smoking experience to its compact and high-yielding plants, Blue Zushi caters to those who seek a unique and elevated cannabis encounter.
Brace yourself for a journey into the extraordinary with this exceptional hybrid.

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Amount of seeds 1
Yield outdoor 600-750 grams per plant
Flowering time indoor 8 weeks
Harvest month outdoor October
Yield indoor 750+ grams/ m2
Mold resistance High
THC 30%+
Flavour Flavours go from mint, berry, candy and cheese.
Height indoor 80 cm - 100 cm
Height outdoor 150 cm - 200 cm
Harvest month outdoor october
Parents Kush Mintz x zkittlez
Genetics 70% indica - 30% sativa
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