Blue Diesel Autoflower

This new crossbreeding between the fast blooming NY diesel and the fruity blue berry is a garanteed hit.

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Amount of seeds 1
Yield outdoor 50-100 grams per plant
Flowering time indoor 11 weeks
Yield indoor 450-550 grams /m2
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In the realm of cannabis innovation, a new and exciting crossbreeding experiment has emerged, marrying the fast-blooming characteristics of NY Diesel with the delectable fruity essence of Blueberry. This union is poised to become a surefire hit, offering a rare yet exceptionally delightful combination of the heavy diesel fragrance from NY Diesel and the sweet, fruity notes of Blueberry. Enthusiasts are in for a treat as they experience the unique symphony of flavors this hybrid promises. The plant, categorized as an autoflowering variety, exhibits a growth profile that surpasses the average, reaching a height ranging from 100 to 130 cm. This particular feature makes it an ideal choice for cultivators seeking a versatile option that accommodates various space constraints. Despite its relatively compact size, the plant doesn't compromise on yield, delivering an average of 40 to 50 grams of highly exotic and potent weed. Envision the cultivation journey with a plant that not only blooms rapidly but also tantalizes the senses with a distinctive blend of aromas and flavors. The pungent diesel fragrance intertwining with the sweet and fruity nuances of Blueberry creates a truly unique and captivating bouquet. This crossbreed is not just a new addition to the cannabis landscape; it's an invitation to explore uncharted territories of flavor and aroma, promising a satisfying and memorable experience for cannabis connoisseurs. Prepare to be captivated by the allure of this exceptional hybrid as it takes you on a journey through exotic flavors and aromatic pleasures. With each cultivation cycle, this crossbreed reveals its potential to redefine the expectations of what a cannabis strain can offer, making it a must-try for those seeking a distinctive and rewarding experience in the world of cannabis cultivation and consumption.
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Amount of seeds 1
Yield outdoor 50-100 grams per plant
Flowering time indoor 11 weeks
Yield indoor 450-550 grams /m2
Mold resistance Average
THC 21-23%
CBD Medium
Flavour Sweet and diesel
Climate Can take warm and cold climates
Height indoor filter Low - 80cm - 120cm
Height indoor 80cm - 110 cm
Height outdoor 80cm - 110cm
Parents blue forestberry x new york diesel
Genetics 40% indica - 60% sativa
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