Cherry Zoap Autoflower

Introducing Cherry Zoap Auto, a cannabis strain born from two of the latest and hottest
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Amount of seeds 1
Flowering time indoor 11 weeks
Yield indoor 550-650 grams /m2
Mold resistance Average
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Step into the world of cannabis excellence with the debut of Cherry Zoap Auto, a remarkable strain meticulously crafted from two of the most cutting-edge and sought-after genetics in the cannabis realm.
This extraordinary strain not only tantalizes the senses with its fruity and pungent aroma but also promises an unparalleled taste, catering to the discerning palate of even the most seasoned cannabis connoisseurs.
Cherry Zoap Auto distinguishes itself with a truly unique scent profile.
It artfully combines the robust, pungent notes of zoap with the smooth, creamy, and fruity aroma reminiscent of the famed Cherry Garcia, also known as Cherry Gar-See-Ya.
The result is a one-of-a-kind olfactory experience that is not just pleasant but downright enchanting.
From the first whiff, you're transported into a world where the bold and the sweet converge in perfect harmony.

Beyond its captivating aroma, Cherry Zoap Auto takes center stage with a potency that commands attention.
This autoflowering marvel is not only easy to cultivate but also boasts a high yield of dense buds generously infused with THC. The effects of this strain are a symphony of well-rounded sensations, providing a balanced experience that gracefully oscillates between uplifting and relaxing.
It's a strain that caters to diverse preferences and is fitting for any time of day.

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Cherry Zoap Auto beckons with its promise of exceptional taste and potency.
The interplay of fruity and pungent aromas creates an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary.
Immerse yourself in the world of Cherry Zoap Auto today and discover the outstanding quality and distinctive character that sets this strain apart from the rest.
Don't miss the chance to elevate your cannabis experience with this extraordinary addition to the cannabis landscape.

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Amount of seeds 1
Flowering time indoor 11 weeks
Yield indoor 550-650 grams /m2
Mold resistance Average
THC 30%+
Height indoor 90 - 110cm
Height outdoor 90 - 110cm
Parents Cherry Garcia x Zoap S1
Genetics 50% indica - 50% sativa
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