Double xl Banana Sherbet

banana sherbet is the result of the pollination from a banana with the sunset sherbet.

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Buying Quantity 1
Yield outdoor 50-100 gram
Floweringtime indoor 11 semaines
Yield indoor 650-750 grams/m2
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Enter the world of extraordinary cannabis genetics with Banana Sherbet, a masterful creation arising from the enchanting union of a banana and the illustrious Sunset Sherbet.
Brace yourself for an aromatic journey as this strain promises an exquisite blend of sweet and fruity flavors, accompanied by a robust coughlock that is the hallmark of its potency.
What sets Banana Sherbet apart is its ability to deliver a powerful body-stoned sensation while maintaining clarity of mind.
It strikes a unique balance, offering users a profound physical experience coupled with mental alertness, making it a standout strain for those seeking a holistic cannabis encounter.

The selected phenotype is a testament to meticulous breeding, resulting in a short to medium-tall, bushy plant that not only captivates the eye but also stands resilient against stressors like no other.
Whether it's nutrient fluctuations or temperature variations, Banana Sherbet remains steadfast, demonstrating a robust and adaptive nature that sets it apart in the realm of cannabis cultivation.
Prepare for a bountiful harvest that goes beyond expectations.
The yield from Banana Sherbet is not only voluminous but impressively weighty.
The buds themselves are a sight to behold – dense, rock-hard, and adorned with a frosty layer of THC.
The light green hue of the buds serves as a canvas for the glistening trichomes, showcasing the strain's potency in a visually stunning manner.

Speaking of potency, the THC levels in Banana Sherbet are nothing short of impressive, reaching remarkable heights.
We anticipate this strain to not only captivate enthusiasts but potentially earn recognition as a cup winner.
Its exceptional qualities make it a coveted collector's item, and we wouldn't be surprised to see other breeders attempting to replicate its success.
In conclusion, Banana Sherbet is not just a strain; it's an immersive experience that blends flavor, potency, and visual allure.
Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a collector seeking a gem, Banana Sherbet promises a journey into the extraordinary realms of cannabis genetics.
Don't miss the chance to savor and appreciate this soon-to-be iconic creation in the world of cannabis cultivation.

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Buying Quantity 1
Yield outdoor 50-100 gram
Floweringtime indoor 11 semaines
Yield indoor 650-750 grams/m2
Mold resistent High
THC 24-26%
CBD Medium
Taste Sweet and fruity
Climate Can take warm and cold climates
Height indoor filter Average - 120cm -150cm
Height indoor 110 - 160 cm
Height outdoor 80cm - 120cm
Parents strawberry banana x sunset sherbet
Genetics 70% indica - 30% sativa
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