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New york diesel feminized


The diesel is a legend from the states that is named after the smell from the fresh buds.


The diesel is a legend from the states that is named after the smell from the fresh buds. 

it's one of the best selling strains in america.
The strong diesel smell mixed with the lemon and lime flavour make this a unique strain.
The taste will stay with you for a long time after smoking it.
Outdoors it will yield before the end of september giving you big dense buds that are allmost mold resistant.
The quality will be super both indoor and outdoor.

Gender: Female
Bloom: 8 weeks
Height: Medium/high
yield indoor: 500-700 grams/m2
Yield outdoor: medium
Genetics: 60% sativa, 40% indica 
moldresistent: Very High
THC: 19%
CBD: Medium
Harvestmonth outdoor: Before end of September
Taste: heavy diesel flavour with fresh lime undertone

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BIG BIG RESPECT for the breeder of this strain ,if you talk about some highgrade NY Diesel ,dont pass this one !!! 10 stars !!!
rating 10 10 1
New York Diesel
One of the best strains they offer at Growerschoice. When grown outdoor it gave a 150g "indoor like quality" result per plant. People just couldn't believe it was grown outdoors. A good one for starters and experiences growers.
rating 10 10 1
Nice smell and smoke

Good strain, we had this one outdoor and it gave us an indoor quality.
Finished end of august, earlier than the website says.


Thanks for the good review, very usefull.