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Pink crystal feminized

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pink crystal is een combination of two of our best strains


Pink crystal is acombination of two of our best strains, braindamage and the purps.
The out come is bizarre stoned weed with an undisscribeable sweet flavour to it.
The seeds have thow phenotypes, one green one and a pink one.
Both have excellent flavour and are amazing to smoke.
It's a 50/50 hybrid which gives an average height and average width.
The yield is great from this strain, one big main cola and multiple big side branches gives a great yield.
With the high yield, great quality and outstanding flavour this is one of our favourite strains.

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rating 10 10 1
nice strain
super fine seeds fast germination healthy growing and very fast flowering at the end a really nice strain that i will order more in te future
rating 8 10 1
dont take to long to set it into bloom, she stretches a lots. with 20 days of 18hours it was about 6inches. end result was a 6 foot plant that nearly went through the roof. the main cola's got burned from the lights so the quality wasn't as good as i hoped. but still statisfied with the strain.