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Sour Diesel feminized

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The sour diesel is new in our collection.    


The sour diesel is new in our collection.    

 We got our hands on some really good genetics out of california and got ourselves a winner again.                                                                 

With a big sativa part in the genetics this plant grows tall but not to tall.                                                                                  

If you give this a 7 to 10 day growing fotoperiod this one will grow between 1.10 and 1.30 centimeters high.                                                        

The sour has a strong pungant smell wich is typicall for this strain.   

 The weed is just as strong as the plant itsself a really strong high and incredibble high thc levels make here a tough one to smoke. 

 The plant is an easy to grow strain and gives happines to beginners and advanced growers.  

 With the high bud to leaf ratio you dont need to pick leaves and the flowers have all the right space to develop into big shiny buds.  

A high resitance against mold and other bugs and plagues make her a perfect strain that cant go wrong.

Gender: ♀
Bloom: 8-10 weeks
Height: 90-150cm
yield: 500-700gram/m2
Genetics: 70% sativa, 30% indica
moldresistent: high
THC/CBD : very high
Harvestmonth outdoor: begin october

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buiten kweek
Wij hebben deze een aantal jaar geleden mogen testen bij ons in de tuin en voor ons was het een genot om te doen. We hebben deze begin augustus verduisterd tot eind augustus. Hierdoor bloeide ze af rond half september met een hele mooie wiet als gevolg. Deze viel bij al onze vrienden heel erg in de smaak. Chapeau voor de mannen bij growerschoice.
rating 10 10 1
indoor growing
muy buena genetica hermosas plantas con mucho thc y un perfil terpenet muy extenso. esto es definitivamente recomendado