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Superlarge XXL Monsterbud autoflowering feminized


Probably the most monsterous plant in the collection.


Probably the most monsterous plant in the collection.

This lady will give you xxl yields for sure with a quality that will knock you of your feet.

The mosterbud was allready one of the strongest weeds known, but in the xxl version she got a little bit stronger.

Even the yields got bigger, she produces a big branchy plant with rockhard buds that are so heavy that the plant needs to be supported in the end.

A minimum pot size of 5 gallon is recomended to get the maximum potency.

Average length:  4 to 6 feet

Average yield: 100 to 220 grams

Quality:extremely high

Flavour: Heavy indica flavour with a sweet haze tone

Bloomingtime: from seed to harvest in 14 weeks


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nice strain
it didn't grow as high as i wanted to, about 3 feet. But the yield was very good.
rating 10 10 1
monsterbud xxl auto