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San fernando valley x Purps feminized

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SFV Purps is 2 legends combined into one plant.
We have had the purps since the beginning seeing we where part of the creation of this strain.
It has been out of sight for some time now but we think it's still one of the most exclusive
flavours in the world.
Together with the heavy sweet San Fernando valley it makes a super tasty strain that you won't forget any time soon.
With growing this strain you can have 3 colors in it.
The light purple one, the light pink one and the white one.
There is a large part of sativa in here but the plant grows like a hybrid indica
And has an indica effect when you smoke it.
All of them are different in flavour and all of them are mouth watering good.
Be sure to get this one into your collection soon.

indica 65% sativa 35%
THC 22-26%
CBD unknown
indoor yield 600-700gr/m2
outdoor yield up to 650gr per plant
indoor blooming 8-9 weeks
outdoor harvest  begin of october.

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rating 10 10 1
bought 25 seeds got 28. 2 did not popped. 4/5 If the plants turn out okay it will be 5/5
rating 10 10 1
Nice big buds, crystals, not purple like on pictures but looks purple
rating 10 10 1
Top class seeds
Lovely mix of purple and og kush gentics one of the best i have tried yet. Real easy to grow all 5 germinated and growed practically same rate from start to finish. Yeild wasnt bad but feel it would of been better with a slightly longer veg time. Taste is lovely subtle mix of dark fruits with an og kush back ground
rating 10 10 1
Super sweet
Ive only grown 1 pheno of this strain so far and it was fire. Smells unbelievably sweet, super frosty and dense nugz. It was quite a compact plant which i trained using nebula's manifold technique. The nugs were green with purple hints. I pulled 5.5z from 1 small plant roughly 42cm tall, but i think i could pull 8 or 9z if i grew her again (indoors). Highly recommended strain which i will definitely be running again.
rating 10 10 1
Sehr sehr lecker
Einfach klasse habe die Sorte jetzt schon öfters genommen und es ist einfach lecker und mega stark. Einfach top und sehr einfach
rating 10 10 1
good seeds
Germination was 5 out of 5, the weed is not purple but more light green with a couple of purple sugarleaves. Great smell.