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Black M.A.F. Feminized


Black MAF is a blend between the black domina and our early flowering MAF


 Black MAF is a blend between the black domina and our early flowering MAF.
Black domina is an early flowering strain as well.
It is not a dark plant like the name says but a nice light green weed strain.
We created this strain because our earliest phenotype from the MAF is not easy to feminize.
It got stabel with the use of the black domina, therefore it is now possible to make a really early flowering
outdoor strain in it's feminized form.
With the indoor test we found 4 different phenotypes, but because the parents are allmost the same you really
have to look close to see the differences in phenotypes.
This strain still has to prove itsself in outdoor grow but we expect a really early flowering strain with
superb quality.
The combination of these 2 strains will garantee excellent yields.

Gender: Female
Bloom:7- 8 weeks
Height: average
yield indoor: 400-600grams per m2
Yield outdoor: 300-500 grams
Genetics: 30% sativa, 65% indica 3% ruderalis
moldresistent: High
THC: High
CBD: Medium
Harvestmonth outdoor: Before end of September
Taste: White widdow flavour with a very sweet aftertone

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we gaan het zien
ik heb deze besteld voor aankomende zomer samen met de normale maf. we gaan het zien, ik hou jullie op de hoogte.
rating 10 10 1
awesome beans
really nice strain. Loving it here over in the U.K thanks for the fast en discrete shipping big S.O. to Growerschoice