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Frosty Gelato feminized


Gelato 41 (also referred to as "Larry Bird") is another tantalizing hybrid cannabis strain from Cookie Fam


We crossed our braindamage with the worldfamous gelato, the result was a thc covered gelato strain.
After this we did a backcross with the gelato again, keeping the high thc percentage but regaind the gelato flavour.
At his point we where statisfied with our new strain and gave it to several growers to see what they had to say about it.
The response was even better than expected, happy growers that had something to grow and smoke that is not like anything
in this world.
High yield, high thc contents and a superb flavour.
The testgrow even won the 2018 highlife cannabis cup.
The smell is light and bright with fruity accents.
The flavour is insane when taking a hit and exhaling it, you can feel the flavour changing in your mouth into a summerfresh fruitpunch.

genetics:                      65% sativa  35% indica
blooming time indoor     8 to 10 weeks
harvesttime outdoor      begin oktober
height outdoor              5 to 7 foot
yield indoor                   500 to 700 grams per m2
yield outdoor                 up to 800grams per plant
thc levels                      27% and up
cbd levels                     average
mold resistant               good
quality                          very good
flavour                         sweet and refereshing like an icecream in summer

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rating 10 10 1
super dit, dikke opbrengst. hij stinkt wel heel hard
rating 10 10 1
im growing this strain only when i opened the seeds they went all over the place so be carefull i lost 3 of my seeds the other 2 are growing spot on an they popped within 24 hours
rating 10 10 1
It has really strong loud sweet odor, LOL, I never will grow this in my garden again, it can be smelled even on the street sometimes, mainly at nights. But fantastic frosty strain, I'm glad I got away with it, and I could harvest it. I was quite nervous. LoL
rating 10 10 1
This herb is incredible in every way: Magnificent flowering, incomparable smell and buds cover with crystals which will transport you in the clouds. 10/10
rating 10 10 1
a big 10 for this one, i enjoyed growing and smokking this strain.
rating 10 10 1
This strain is so sweet watch the stretch it’s fire
rating 10 10 1
Wat een mooie planten zeg ben benieuwd wat het gaat worden
rating 10 10 1
Very good
rating 10 10 1
Top! ❤️

Geweldig wat ruikt ze goed


He Nick,

Bedankt voor de toffe review.

Groeten Team Growerschoice