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Monkey glue feminized


This strain is pretty new to the market and allready very populair.

This strain is pretty new to the market and allready very populair.
Created by accident by an american grower that got pollen from a chem sister on to a sour dub.
With this accident one of the greatest strains in the world was born.
Gorilla glue is a full hybrid wiith an indica structure.
The name came from the extreme high thc levels on this strain, 25%+ is normall.
Everything stiicks to the plant, clothing, sciccors, really anythiing so grow carefully.
This strain has a fres lemon flavour with hints of diesel.
Gorilla glue #4 is one of the strongest cannabis strains on the market right now.
Really easy to grow, even unexperience growers have good crops with this one.
We don't advise this to growers that dont have a steady climate or stress in their growroom.
Due to the Original genetics this strain is not suited to have stress.
Genetics: 30% sativa / 70% indica
Harvesttime indoor : 8 weeks
Harvestttime outdoor :end september
height outdoon:1,5 to 2,20 meter
Yield indoor :500 to 700gr per m2
 Yield outdoor: up tot 800gr per plant
 CbD level: average
 Moldresistant: good
quality: Very good
 Flavour: fresh and sweet, fruity like with citrus. and a mild diesel flavour
 Medical info: Good painkiller and good for sleep
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rating 5 10 1
Not one growed

I grow about 15 years .rnBut these seads dit not come up at all to bad


He Ghosty,

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Greets team rowerschoice

rating 10 10 1
you guys should watch it with these genetics. it is well known that gorilla glue can be unstable if it is not treated right. be warned that this is not suited for beginners.
rating 10 10 1
I've growed a few of these had some to Hermie on me and some didn't so if your growing these you best keep a very good eye on them.. It's not just growers choice seeds that will Hermie on you if it's the real GG#4 they have the Hermie genetics in them..
rating 10 10 1
best ever
love the packaging and the strain was great. i'll order again for sure
rating 8 10 1
A hell of a monkey
Loved growing this one !
rating 10 10 1
Loved the strain ,grew tight and smelled so good