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Blue forest berry Feminized


The blue forest berry is a new strain from our breeding team.


The blue forest berry is a new strain from our breeding team.

Sweet and fruity with a little haze flavour makes this one great for lovers of sweet weed.

At the end of the blooming period it gets a little blue glow, if you keep the nights colder it will turn blue to purple.

With warmer nights it will only get a little blue glow.

Very mold resistant strain and good for high temperatures, this lady can handle her self.

Easy to grow, it doesn't need a lots of attention.

Gender: ♀
Bloom: 8-10 weken
Highth: 90-150cm
yield: 500-700gram/m2
Genetics: 60% sativa, 40% indica
moldresistent: high
THC/CBD : very high
Harvestmonth outdoor: begin october

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dont know
rating 10 10 1
A real LADY
I had the honor to grow this lady in my garden this year. It was the perfect summer for a perfect grow. This lady became a REAL LADY, a height of 2.50M and 2m width, it was a pleasure to see her grow, once the time was there to chop her down it wasnt with pain in my heart she went down because now she just moved on to the next phase of her life, with lovely buds and over the K on my yields i can tell u guys ..... BUY it GROW it SMOKE it, she is even a great plant to make all your BHO extracts from it, for me HELL no way i regret i bought these beans, I only can recommend them to all of U ;)
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The one i fell in love with
Big yielder ,strong outdoors and indoors !!! Very nice bud !!!
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Blue Forest Berry
My first true love in growing. Baby Blue Forest. What a lady you have become. Tried it again this year and was so amazed. Just like a true forest berry fruit pallet. Some red fruit tones and some blue fruit tones, but that old timer haze flavor comming thru is masterly done. Very happy.
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ik heb deze soort buiten gehad van de zomer en het was een prachtige plant.