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Gorilla cookies autoflowering


It was an easy choice to combine two of the best strains and create this new and awesome plant.
The stickyness and heavy smell from the gorilla glue together with the rich and full flavour
of the thin mint girl scout cookies make this strain a dreamer to grow and smoke.
All the best of two worlds into one fantastic strain.
Don't miss out on this one. it's going to be a legend for sure.
The medium tall plant grows like an indica with heavy sidebranches and a big main cola.
The thc levels are through the roof with an average of 24% and some of more than 27%.
Superstrain for daytime and nightime smoke to relax and get creative.

45% Sativa / 50% Indica / 5% Ruderalis
High mold resistant
12 Weeks
THC: 20-24%  /  CBD: Average
50 - 80 g/plant
plant height: 90 - 130 cm.
Awesome combination between flavour and strong weed

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Zeer heel erg goed

De zaden waren alle 5 plus 2 gratis opgekomen en nu bijna 8 weken later is de eerste al bijna klaar. de een ziet er nog beter uit als de ander er is er geen een bij die weinig kristallen heeft . 6 planten zijn 80 cm hoog en ook breed .1 is 1.10 m